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Dear Parents/Guardians,


At Ranworth Square Primary we believe that every child should aim to attend school EVERY DAY.  The National Target of 97% is a guide that we use as the minimum benchmark for attendance.


96%      =  8 days off in a school year

90%      =  17 days off in a school year

85%      =  29 days off in a school year


Half a day per week is equal to 4 weeks off in a school year

1 day per week equals 8 weeks off in a school year.







I thank you for your continued support.


Mr R Saunders

Acting Headteacher


  • First day response- Miss Jess contacts parents when a child is absent from school.
  • A home visit may be made by Miss Jess and Miss Becky if contact hasn't been made.  
  • Our attendance team has regular meetings with the Education Welfare Officer, looking at how we can improve the attendance and what actions can be taken to ensure this. 
  • Miss Jess and Miss Becky arrange to collect children from their home if parents are in a dilemma.


Child friendly policy- display and ideas

There is an interactive display that is presented at the centre of the school called the ‘Attendance Garden’. Each class is given blank flower, which a petal will be coloured in if a class wins best attendance at the end of the week. When a class has a full flower coloured in, their flower will be in ‘full bloom’ allowing the children to be rewarded with a class trip.

This display board explains the attendance policy to the children, allowing them to understand what good attendance is and what they can achieve.

100% Bloomers – We award the 100% attenders with rewards, also presenting their photograph on a different display board in the main entrance. We have called our 100% attenders ‘100% Bloomers’ because these children attend school every day, therefore their own personal flowers would be in full bloom. These children are presented with a badge and certificate in assembly.


Rewards the children can gain

  • Each class has an opportunity to win a termly trip to McDonalds if they achieve the best attendance.
  • Arriving to school on time the children can earn dojo points.
  • If a child is a 100% Bloomer for the entire school year, they can be entered into a prize draw to win a laptop or iPad.

(Please see photographs below of display boards presented at school).