Dates/times of Governors meetings 2015-16

Governors’ meetings are held once a term or more frequently should circumstances so dictate. Monitoring Group is held once 1/2 termly, or more frequently if necessary.  Please contact school on 226 1740 for further information.


Committee                            Date                         Time              Location

Monitoring Group                          18 Oct 2015                      1.30pm                  School


Full Governing Body                       22 Oct 2015                       1.30pm                   School

Finance Committee                       22 Oct 2015                     11.30am                  School


Monitoring Group                             4 Feb 2016                      11.00am                  School


Full Governing Body                         9 Feb 2016                        1.30pm                  School


Finance Committee                        16 June 2016                     11.00am                  School 

Full Governing Body                       16 June 2016                       1.30pm                  School


Finance Committee                        20 Oct 2016                       11.00am                  School

Full Governing Body                       20 Oct 2016                         1.30pm                 School


Governor Structure - List of Governors/Role of Governing Body

Governor Roles and Responsibilities/Terms of Office

Governing Body Sub Committees