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Interview with Mike Barfield author https://youtu.be/5NWDoZ1cYCY?si=jhIqlimpzx1HyZoS
Interview for Boss books with Jenny holder.  Ranworth are at the  end of the video   https://www.youtube.com/live/ZDFKtDaLiJo?si=Ccek3DsNKjtasFK6


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We  are the Ranworth Square Reading Ambassadors and we have an important job to do in school. We all love to read and our job is to encourage others to read too.

We are children from years 3-6 and meet every week with Mrs. Butler to discuss ways in which we can promote reading for pleasure, including sharing ideas and opinions from our classmates.

The Book Worms are selected first and foremost for their love of reading! They carry out an important role as they encourage others in their class and across the school to read, promoting reading for pleasure for all pupils. 


These ambassadors, who are not only avid readers, are also responsible for:

  • Organising whole school reading events such as: Book Fairs, Book Swaps, competitions and World Book Day celebrations
  • Choosing new books; reading and reviewing them before they go into class libraries so they can confidently recommend books to others
  • Reading with their reading buddies each week
  • Listening to their classmates thoughts about how to further develop a love of reading across the school and share these with the other ambassadors during Book Worm meetings.
  • Encourage all children to enjoy and love reading as much as possible


We are very proud of our BookWorms, their passion for reading and their commitment to sharing their love of literature throughout the school.


Look out for our Book Worm newsletter !



Recommended Reading books for each year group



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