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Johnny(a few years ago)

Miss Ward is the best teacher in the whole of time and space

Lois Sage(a few years ago)

Hehe, loved this school to bits! miss it so much now! Thanks to strandy :P Also I miss lamby the laminator...

littlemouse(a few years ago)

hi when will the website be updated, loved seeing the world book day photos last year.

Karen Smith(a few years ago)

I attended this school till 1970 best school best years of my life

Paul Morris(a few years ago)

Hi there was wandering through to see if my old primary school still existed. I was a pupil there in the 1950's.I am pleased to see you are still going and the staff and children are enjoying the place.One day when I am in the city I will say hello and share maybe how some things where in those days.Assuming the let me back through the hallowed portals lol

Evie Davies(about a decade ago)

Really missing this school! Good luck to the new year 6 on their SATS. I want to stay in contact with this awesome school! I bet Mr. Saunders has good killer questions coming up soon, - Evie Davies (2008-2015)

Mark Rowley(about a decade ago)

I came into the school yesterday morning (9.7.15) as a supply teacher, covering Mrs Taylor ( who was out attending a phonics screening meeting). As I have been to over 30 different schools since September 2014, I can say with good authority that Ranworth Square is a particularly friendly and welcoming school. Thanks for having me and hope to see you again in the future.

david williams(about a decade ago)

I attended Ranworth Square from 1949 to 1955 best years of my life I learnt a lot from Mr Mackay and Mr Cameron.Went on to become a financial Director of a Company, and never forgot the teachings I received from Ranworth which stood me in good stead. Many Thanks Ranworth Square

brian richardson 1946/1950(about a decade ago)

a lot of changes since i went there. it still holds memories for me though. oh! where has the time gone

morgy radford(about a decade ago)

I love the school and my mates I had to move in 1971 it was amazing I had to move to Africa my face teacher was strand im old now!!!(64)im 64 omg

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