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Breakfast Club is available for all children from Nursery to Year 6.  Children can attend from     8.00am - 8.30am.  Free breakfast will be provided. Our breakfast of cereals, fruit drinks, bagels etc are supplied by Magic Breakfast, Greggs and School.  

Magic Breakfast supports schools across England with over 35% Free School Meal eligibility, to work with them, in partnership, to reach the children most in need of a healthy start to the morning.


The club aims to provide a safe, caring environment to ensure a positive start to the school day. At Breakfast Club we ensure that the children understand how important it is to have a healthy breakfast and eating habits from an early age.  Eating a healthy balanced diet is very important to everyone's needs especially for active, growing children who require a substantial level of vitamin and minerals.


  The Club provides numerous essential benefits:

Encourages attendance and punctuality

>  Increased concentration and attainment

>  Increased number of children eating healthy breakfast regularly

>  Provides childcare for working parents


Breakfast Club letter

Magic Breakfast

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For your children, our after school clubs have a very relaxed feel. We fully appreciate that children may be tired at the end of a long school day therefore we try to interact with the children to make the time in club enjoyable and stimulating.

We have on offer a varied selection of activities and equipment and all staff are suitably qualified and trained to get the best out of the children that attend.


After school clubs will be £15 per half term, per day the child the child attends for example if you want to come Monday only, it will cost £15, if you wanted to do Monday and Tuesday then it would cost £30 and so on to total of £60 for the four days.  This must be paid otherwise places will be lost.



After School club provides children with many benefits:

       > Help develop talent or skill

        >  Broaden a child's topic of interest

        >  Encourages socialisation

        >  Provides childcare for working parents


   Please complete the letter to register for these clubs; you will find the letter on the link below.


After School Club form