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Breakfast Club is available for all children from Nursery to Year 6.  Children can attend from     8.00am - 8.30am.  Free breakfast will be provided. Our breakfast of cereals, fruit drinks, bagels etc are supplied by Magic Breakfast, Greggs and School.  

Magic Breakfast supports schools across England with over 35% Free School Meal eligibility, to work with them, in partnership, to reach the children most in need of a healthy start to the morning.


The club aims to provide a safe, caring environment to ensure a positive start to the school day. At Breakfast Club we ensure that the children understand how important it is to have a healthy breakfast and eating habits from an early age.  Eating a healthy balanced diet is very important to everyone's needs especially for active, growing children who require a substantial level of vitamin and minerals.


  The Club provides numerous essential benefits:

Encourages attendance and punctuality

>  Increased concentration and attainment

>  Increased number of children eating healthy breakfast regularly

>  Provides childcare for working parents


Breakfast Club letter

Magic Breakfast

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For your children, our after school clubs have a very relaxed feel. We fully appreciate that children may be tired at the end of a long school day therefore we try to interact with the children to make the time in club enjoyable and stimulating.

We have on offer a varied selection of activities and equipment and all staff are suitably qualified and trained to get the best out of the children that attend.


After school clubs can be paid via the School Money app from the Friday before each new school week, the app does not allow you to pay for a club on the day.  Infants can choose to attend on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday and Juniors can choose Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Pupils can attend as many clubs as they want, obviously only juniors are able to attend the Wednesday after school club, and there is no club on a Friday, but the choice is yours to pick either 1, 2 or all 3 days, it is up to you and each individual club is £1.


After School club provides children with many benefits:

       > Help develop talent or skill

        >  Broaden a child's topic of interest

        >  Encourages socialisation

        >  Provides childcare for working parents


   Please complete the letter to register for these clubs; you will find the letter on the link below.


After School Club form